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Thursday Ausgust 29, 2013
                                             Schedule of town hall meetings

August 29, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn – Capitol Plaza
300 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Sept 4, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Marriot at the Convention Center
801 Truxtun Avenue 

Bakersfield, CA 93301
Sept 5, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Doubletree Hotel
222 North Vineyard Ave
Ontario, CA 91764

Thursday January 3, 2013

Thursday January, 3 2013

Please see attached IB regarding lateral transfer opportunity for all correctional officers State wide. For the initial positions available you must submit your transfer packet by January 15, 2013. They will continue to except transfer packets after that date because they will be filling posts on an ongoing basses. Initially it's approximately 230 officer posts for June and July and another 200 for September and October.

If anyone chooses to submit their transfer package and is having a difficult time with getting your packet threw the required signature process or getting an employee evaluation, please contact a job steward for assistance.  

Happy New Year 
God Bless

Friday December 7, 2012

Attached is a letter from Chuck Alexander regarding Job swamps. This letter will be uploaded to the members only website sometime this evening. You will see at the bottom of the letter information on your CALPERS statement and an issue that is being addressed. Chuck Alexander Letter
Thank you
Friday November 09, 2012


The State and CCPOA have agreed to conduct a Job Exchange in 2012 with an additional two exchanges to take place in 2013.
CCPOA will make every effort to facilitate Job Exchanges for those submitting requests. 

The following terms must be met:

• Participants must be from the same classification and time base. 

• Once approved, the exchange is binding and non-revocable.

 • This is only a one-for-one exchange, no “three-way” exchanges will be considered. 

• Every attempt will be made to complete the exchanges by seniority, however, there is no guarantee. 

• Participants will not be guaranteed a specific position, and honoring any previously approved vacation, holiday, or leave requests will be solely at the
   discretion of the newly assigned institution. 

• All Job Exchanges must be approved by CDCR.

The Voluntary Job Exchange Program Forms will be accepted beginning on November 1, 2012.


To secure the Nov. 2012, Job Exchanges, CCPOA must submit forms to CDCR for approval on November 15th, 2012.

If the exchange is approved, the report date to the new position assignment will be December 15, 2012.

If a participant is not successful in securing an exchange in Nov. 2012, upon request, CCPOA will keep the Job Exchange Request Form on file for a possible exchange in 2013.

Thursday November 01, 2012
Attached you can find the updated job-exchange form. Please read all of the information on the form so that you understand what you are committing to. You can also find the forms on the CCPOA members only web site. On the members only site you can fill out this form electronically and submit it that way. Be sure to pay attention to the time lines. Every effort will be made to match by highest seniority and to make as many matches as possible. Be sure not to make any decision that you are not willing to live with.

Good Luck and God Bless

Tuesday October 23, 2012

Want to get involved?? Here is your chance . Job Steward Training  will be held November 14, 2012 in Chula Vista . Click here to view flier.

Wednesday October 17, 2012


Wednesday October 17, 2012
 Attached for your review and use is a listing of results which includes individuals that have received a successful bid opportunity and been placed either to or from your respective institution/program/facility; it also includes employees who were not successful in this additional opportunity and therefore will still be subject to layoff.  This listing is sorted by County, Impacted Classification, and Last name of the employee. Each institution/program/facility will need to filter the Placement Location column for their specific hiring authority to determine the placements coming to your location. The placement time base column is included to provide specific information regarding placements.
Additional Wave 2 Opporunity Placement Listing Information
Please refer to the information below to assist in interpreting the attached listing:
·         Employee “Opt-In” and Selected No Options – An employee submitted an additional opportunity worksheet and did not select any options provided.  ORP does not process these documents.
·         Same Class, Same/Different County – A Correctional Officer (CO) was awarded a CO position in either the same county they were impacted in or in a county outside of where they were impacted.
·         R06 Employee to CO, Same/Different County– This is for those employees who were awarded a CO position that are not currently CO. (Refer to below section:Transitional Academy)
·         Unsuccessful – This means that the employee selected options that were no longer available to him or her due to seniority
Transitional Academy Information
Rank & File BU6 employees were provided an opportunity to elect Correctional Officer vacancies in the Additional Wave 2 Opportunity Process.  Based on the various criteria outlined in the Realignment Side Letter Agreement, those who were awarded Correctional Officer positions in this additional opportunity may be required to attend a Transitional Academy (TA). This listing will indicate whether the employee will be required to attend the TA and whether the individual will attend a two or six week academy; the employees will also be notified via their notification letter. Employees who must attend a TA, will do so prior to assuming their duties as a Correctional Officer.  The TA will be held at the Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center in Galt, CA beginning on October 22, 2012, 7:00AM.  If the employee does not successfully complete the TA will be subject to lay off.
Reporting Information
The following outlines when the employees who were successful in the Additional Wave 2 Opportunity will be required to report:
·         Employees who were successful in this additional opportunity and do not require attendance to the Academy will report to the institution October 31, 2012.
·         Employees who were successful in this additional opportunity and will require attendance to the Academy will report to the institution the day following their successful completion.
Both the employee and the new hiring authority should be in contact to discuss specific reporting instructions.
Unsuccessful Information
Those employees who were not successful in the Additional Wave 2 Opportunity will be laid off on the layoff effective date.  Also, if an employee who is required to attend the TA does not successfully complete the TA, they will be subject to lay off.
The ORP Customer Service Unit is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, at 877-297-5599 or via email at   Thank you!

*******Additional wave 2 placement listings********
Friday September 29, 2012
Please see attached.

We are hearing that there may be some discrepancies on the list. If you believe that the placement or layoff is not accurate please do the following.

1) Collect all of your documents. A) Layoff/Placement Letter B) Options Letter, C) Proof of fax, Etc.

2) Contact the Office of Resources and Planning (ORP) (916) 324-9558 or (888) 232-4584

3) Contact CCPOA Southern Field Office at (909) 980-6376 or (800) 832-1415

In that order…….

Explane to ORP and CCPOA the discrepancies that you have in detail. Take good notes, such as date and time of call, who you contacted, what they said and when they said they would contact you back. 

CCPOA office hours are M>F 0900 to 1700

ORP office hours are 9/28> 0800 to 1900
                                    9/29> 0800 to 1200
                                   10/1>  0800 to 1900
                                   10/2>  0800 to 1900

Please don't hesitate to call. CCPOA needs to start your appeal ASAP to maintain time frames. 

If you have difficulty with the ORP help desk inform CCPOA when you contact them. If CCPOA is not responding to your calls during business hours, please contact me a CCPOA Steward or myself. 

Thank you, God Bless and be safe.

Fred Stevens 
***************Wave 2 Placement Listing_09272012_CCPOA.XLSX
198.7 KB

24.8 KB

Thursday September 20, 2012
Dear members, 

If you are not registered to vote please go to the Secretary of State's website (link below) or go to the local post office to register.  

If there is any question as to your status, you can verify registration utilizing the following link.  

We have more then half of our membership that is not registered or are registered improperly. Please check your states and get properly registered now.
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Grainger’s In the Line of Duty program
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Grainger’s In the Line of Duty program offers State of California Correctional Officers the ability to stretch your stipend
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Monday September 17, 2012

Thursday September 13, 2012
The CIM Annual Health Fair is back! Come on out and see what the buzz is. Check out the fliar >> 2012CIM Health Fair 
Tuesday September 11, 2012
Notice of change to Department operations Manual # 12-11 Social Media

Thursday September 06, 2012 
Calpers Conference Committee Report AB 340

Saturday September 01, 2012
CIM management has postponed the hard scheduling of PICO's. We have had some discussions with management and will further endeavor to resolve this issue and follow the contract as well as the local PICO hiring agreement. Your Chief Job Stewards will have a copy of the local agreement soon and be able to talk to you about the procedures in it. We will also be putting out information that we received at the CCPOA convention. 

We are hearing rumor's about other issues, here is some of the information to dispel those rumor's.

Several officers are asking questions about 2.7 at 57. Apparently the rumor is that it will be for all. Another rumor is we will be contributing $500 more to our retirement. 

1) The 2.7 at 57 would be for all new-hires NOT for current BU6 members. 

2) It's not $500 its 50% of the retirement monthly contribution not 50% of your monthly income. Currently BU6 contributes about 48% to the retirement account, that would increases by 2%. Thees are Assembly Bill's that are working their way through the process. The alternative is for it to go to the voters and the picture would look much worse and could also come after current employees. MOU Article 12.05 (B) below shows the current contributions.  

PO/FF members shall contribute an additional three percent (3%) employee retirement contribution. Effective upon legislative ratification, Unit 6 POFF members shall contribute eleven percent (11%) of monthly compensation in excess of $863 for retirement. The additional three percent (3%) employee contribution shall offset the State’s contribution upon legislative ratification of the agreement.

As we get more information on thees issues, we will pass it forward but please continue to ask us the questions. We will also put out information on State Board and the convention as soon as we have a chance to get it together.

Friday July  20, 2012

A message from CIM Chapter President Fred Stevens

It was a welcome pleasure to see Big Mac arrive at 1205am after a long trip across this country. Family and friends were there to cheer and hug the big guy. I for one want to thank CCPOA (thats all of you) for supporting our brother and Chuck Alexander for taking the time to sit down with Rob and I to listen to his story and except the fight. I hear from time to time that people get so frustrated with the way things are going they want to drop the union. I can't give you a more tragic story then what happened to our brother Rob to show how far our union will go when one of our members has been railroaded by the system. Welcome home brother, welcome home. God Bless you and the family, get some rest brother.

Wednesday July 18 ,2012
What a week and it's not over. We have had our ups and downs this week with tragedy and hope. We want to first give our condolences to our partner that lost his son in a motor cycle accident and to those of you that we don't know about that are going thru similar losses. We also had one of our partners suffer  what appears to be a stroke while he was on duty. We will be praying for all of you in thees troubled times. We also found out this morning the our brother BIG Rob was released and on his way home as of this writing. It is our hope that we can give all of thees people our support in any way we can.

You will find attached to this email a document that describes the "Temporary Involuntary Transfer Process." As you will see we have up to 45 Officers that will be temporarily reassigned. The prisons that they will be assigned are also listed and how many positions at each place. You will also find a Q & A and an explanation of the entire process. We still have questions about some things that have not been answered and will be seeking for those answers. Please if any of you have questions, get them to a job steward so that we can get the answers for everyone. Remember anyone can volunteer to go based on seniority, the more volunteers we have the fewer that get forced. For those of us that do get forced to go, you must report or you will be subject to AWOL.

Please try and stay focused at work and home. We don't want or need any more tragedy then we have experienced this month alone. We know it is difficult to work under thees conditions with the staffing cuts and all but we all must remain safe. DO YOUR JOB EXACTLY THE WAY YOUR POST ORDERS AND POLICY TELLS YOU TO DO IT.  What would be a big help is if we all could write down the safety and security issues that result from the staffing cut's. Not only identify them to us but also to your immediate supervisor. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MEMO

God Bless and stay safe

Tuesday July 17, 2012
 Today we received the information below. As you can see the staffing changes are moving forward on the 23rd. It is most important that everyone checks the movement roster that is posted at your facility. We were told that management placed the post & bid officers into same RDO's when available and similar RDO's when they ran out of same RDO's and that this was done by seniority. If anyone has an issue that you feel that management did not properly place you, please bring it to a job steward ASAP. Management will also be implementing a redirection plan for what appears to be 30 days. It mostly involves 3rd watch yard staff. They shared some of it with us today but it has not been signed off yet. As we get more information on this we will pass it forward. 

  • Standardized Staffing is in progress of being negotiated on a statewide level.
  • Since these negotiations have begun, we have encountered numerous problems associated with the relief formulas, and the reconciling of the MAR to the PAS.
  • As a result of local discussions last week, many Chapters have sent us problems and solutions to the V4 Standardized Staffing Model (SSM) at their institutions which we will be addressing with State team. Even after implementation of the SSM. 
  • As a result of local discussions last week, many Chapters have sent us problems and solutions to the V4 Standardized Staffing Model (SSM) at their institutions which we will be addressing with State team. Even after implementation of the SSM. 
  • July 23, 2012, is also the day that employees who were awarded a Voluntary Statewide Bid are to report to their new institutions. 
  • July 23, 2012, is also the day that the state will implement the attached Daily Redirection Plan in order to fund the transitional academies that would help mitigate layoffs. 
  • This Redirection Plan will begin on July 23, 2012, and end in thirty (30) calendar days. 
  • This Redirection Plan may allow employees to burn furlough and PLP days. 

Thursday July,12 2012
Bargaining Unit 6 – Budget Savings Reduction and Personal Leave Program 2012
View Memo
Tuesday July 10, 2012
This is for Excluded and Exempt Employees not Rank and File. As soon as we get the BU6 information we will post it......CLICK HERE TO VIEW


Monday July 9, 2012 
Thursday, June 28, 2012
The Standardized Staffing plan was set to go forward on July 9th. Management was informed by conference call today that the date changed to July 23rd. When the "memo #2" was issued late last week CCPOA had not been given an opportunity to negotiate most if not all of what was written in the memo. CCPOA contacted the State and negotiations began this afternoon with more talks to happen the rest of this week and next week. 

We also expect an opportunity to negotiate the "Standardized Staffing" locally. As of the time of forwarding this email, we have not been given a solid number on the total staffing levels that will be allocated for CIM. When we have a solid number we will get it out to you. Mean wile the layoffs are moving forward and the next step should be the sending out of the SROA letters followed shortly by the State Wide bid results.

Note: We are filling grievances on the local seniority roster. Some officers have given us their individual issues as well as us finding issues that impact almost everyone. If you find that you have an issue that affects your seniority number on the local seniority roster, please contact a Steward. 

Chino Chapter
Saturday, June 23, 2012
This memo has been bouncing around the internet and indeed we should have great concern. CDCR has not negotiated this with CCPOA. CCPOA has been in contact with the State and had advised them of our issues. We are now waiting for their response. Also of note, the staffing package for HCA was released to management this past week and someone from HCA Sac is supposed to be down this coming week to go over it with management. WE were unable to obtain a copy but understand that most of the cuts were the coverage relief, meaning that several of the jobs will go to SSH RDO's. Again it is unclear yet as to how deep they cut. Also V4.0 of the custody staffing packages was updated last week. But not more then a couple days ago we found out that V5.0 is being developed and could be out as early as next week. 

Importent note; as of this writing, the State sill plans to move forward with the July 9th job change and delations package (Standardized Staffing). We know that they were working on getting the changes in to the MAR and PAS and it was due by Friday. As best we know they still plan on giving us our seven days notice for the movement. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the changes getting posted. Also remember by the contract if you are post and bid and they change your RDO but did not delate your job you can remain in that job or you can bid out. You do not have the wright to be placed in a management job with the same RDO's. If your job was delated, then you should be placed in a management job with the same RDO and watch. If anyone is not placed properly pleas do not hesitate on contacting a Steward. We need to git it fixed ASAP.

As most of you have seen the agreement on the pay cut/PLP day, CCPOA contrary to this memo has not negotiated the terms of taking the PLP day off. As things develop we will send out more information. Remember we will not post information until we have authenticated it. The information that you see in other places may be accurate but may also be missing information that could miss lead you. Because of this our information may be a little slower in posting but we want you all to have the best most accurate information as to not miss lead you
Click here to view memo 


Thursday, June 21 2012
Good Morning,
We have received quite a few inquiries regarding the state budget and how it will affect CCPOA SO6 members. The reality is something is going to happen, unfortunately at this time we cannot say exactly what that will be. Most likely SO6 members will receive the same PLP day for 12 months that the rank and file is looking at. The state has not completed bargaining with all of the bargaining units at this time, and therefore they are not willing to commit to this as being fact – just yet.
We have been in contact with the Director of the Department of Personnel Administration and she has assured us that she will take this question forward to the Governor’s Office and Finance for an answer. As soon as we get that response we will forward the information.
Kevin Raymond


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today we placed Wave II Layoff Resource Books at each facility. In it you will find the CCPOA agreement, memos, FAQ's, over/under reports for BU6/SO6 and Parole as well as Sa Bernardino County Seniority Roster. Please take some time to look at the documents. We will continue to update the books as we get new information. If you have questions, please ask our Stewards.

Friday June 16, 2012  
State Board of Directors:
As you know, to help mitigate the 17 billion-dollar plus budget deficit, the 2012-2013 State Budget calls for a 5% salary reduction in savings from ALLState employees.
In addressing the budget reduction, CCPOA and the State have reached the attached agreement. The agreement prevents any pay and/or benefit cut that undoubtedly would have been implemented had we not entered into an agreement.
In consideration of this reduction, we have agreed to meet regarding the implementation of a process whereby Unit 6 employees would be able to burn accrued PLP/Furlough time. Included in this agreement we have also taken a significant step toward enhancing our training via a CPOST program. DOWN LOAD FILE
Thank you
Thursday June 15, 2012
State Lawmakers Pass Budget On $15.7B Deficit

Democratic lawmakers have approved a plan to balance California's $15.7 billion deficit without Gov. Jerry Brown's endorsement so they can keep collecting their paychecks.                                  

Thursday June, 14 2012

We meet with management this morning on a number of issues. The most pressing of the issues is Wave II. First, management has expressed their desire to get as many of the effected Officers to the Town Hall meeting on Friday as they can. They have identified just over 200 Officers that are at the bottom of the seniority list. Tomorrow supervisors will began contacting Officers that are assigned to work on 2nd and 3rd Watch. They plan on slamming as much of the program as they can Friday. The Town Hall will take place at Chaffy Collage at 1330 hours. If you are assigned to work 2nd Watch, you must have your supervisors approval prior to leaving the prison. If you are assigned to 3rd Watch you must have your supervisors approval to attend the meeting prior to your shift. 

Management also talked about holding some smaller town halls on facility grounds after Friday. Several Stewards have been briefed and given information on Wave II. You can also seek them out and ask your questions. A list of the Stewards is posted on the CCPOA boards. We will also attend as many town halls and briefings as we can. We asked management for a space to post the information so that you can see everything available to help make your choices. Please stop us and ask your questions, we want to help as much as we can. If a Steward is not at a meeting that is being held on your yard please ask for one to attend. The Chief Stewards and I will make ourselves as available as we can to provide you as much information as we have. When management has agreed on a place to post the information we will inform you of that location.